Today I have another hotel for sale marbella.
Hotel price: one hundred thousand euros
Hotel area: two hundred square meters
Number of rooms in the hotel: two hundred

život na venkově
When we come to the hotel, we are the first to see a really huge pool illuminated by blue lights, which will attract the attention of really everyone. There are parasols around the pool and behind the pool is a magnificent large spacious luxury hotel with lots of rooms.
First, when we enter the hotel, we can see a large reception with the opportunity to sit on chairs made of comfortable material. At the reception there are about five large round conference tables with green armchairs. Next we can see the common room, where there are three comfortable large brown armchairs and opposite them a huge TV that you can watch. Next there is a computer room with wheelchairs, where you can just surf the Internet or just look at emails – everything is included in the price of hotel accommodation. When we come to the first room in the hotel, we can see as the first spacious bathroom, in which there are two sinks and on the wall hang two decorative pictures of places (specifically Dubai).

smlova k podpisu

The bathroom also has a spacious glass shower. Next is a beautiful bedroom with night views of illuminated buildings and lights. There is a large spacious double bed (all white). There is also a comfortable red armchair for you to sit on, and there is also a small wooden table with a TV where you can watch various movies and series. From the windows you can see a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside (trees, forests, and so on – just beautiful). Another room is the bedroom, this time furnished but rather dark yellow with yellow curtains. The wall of the room is white and the whole bedroom is furnished in a modern style, which does not matter at all. There is also a special-shaped coffee table and a yellow sofa with yellow cushions.